Cryptocurrency 101

Cryptocurrency 101


A one-day course to simplify cryptocurrencies and understand the emerging markets it has enabled. From learning how to purchase cryptocurrencies on exchange market to securely managing your private keys, we'll take you from novice to competent. No previous knowledge required.

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Why You Should Be Interested

In 2008, at the height of the Great Recession, Bitcoin’s anonymous creator(s) proposed a “peer-to-peer transfer of virtual cash that would allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution.” One year later, the first Bitcoin block was mined.

Fast-forward to today: the total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies hovers around $150B (with a single bitcoin trading for upwards of $16,000), Walmart and Pfizer have completed successful blockchain pilots in food safety and medicine tracking, and initial coin offerings (ICOs) have exploded in popularity, closing on $2B+ in funding in 2017 alone.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are here to stay. 

Who Is the Target Audience?

Everblue's Cryptocurrency Essentials course is meant for anyone who has an interest in cryptocurrency technology. Given that no previous blockchain knowledge is required, this course is designed for those that would like to gain insight to the underlying mechanisms that are driving the crypto market. Always wanted to purchase your own Bitcoin or Ether but unsure how to do so? Not sure how to build a balanced cryptocurrency portfolio? Looking gain a basic skill set on analyzing crypto investments? This course is for you. 

How We Break It Down


Welcome . . .

• Importance of you being here
• Establishing personalized plans
• Identifying relevant industries
• You on the blockchain adoption curve

Build up to the Blockchain. Breaking Down the blockchain. . . .

• Blockchain in the late 1990s
• Implications of triple-entry accounting
• 2008 Financial Crash and the need for trust
• 3 simple components of blockchain technology
• Blockchain vs. Database
• Components of a distributed ledger + network


• Satoshi's creation
• Trust and truth enables new value
• Implications of Smart Contracts
• Filtering through the headlines
• How a cryptocurrency is created
• Valuable characteristics of a cryptocurrency

The Ethereum Super Computer . . .

• New era of gold and oil
• The Ethereum Protocol
• ERC20 tokenization
• Space cats and pizza ships
• Decentralize...everything

Logistics of Crypto Trading...Done Securely . . .

• Get your first ether coin
• Open a crypto wallet and transfer assets
• Become comfortable navigating OTC and Exchange markets
• Validating your transactions
• Breaking into the world of ICOs
• Private keys are everything
• Managing different wallets
• Fundamental analysis of ICOs and Tokens

Building a Balanced Portfolio . . .

• 30/30/20/20
• Passively benefit on market volatility
• Long-term vs. short-term investments
• Platforms and workflow for managing your portfolio

Beyond this course . . .

• Understand how early we are on the adoption curve
• Tips for building your knowledge base
• Short term vs. long term trading implications
• Current limitation: legal and technical
• Bullish Case vs. Bearish Case

What You Walk Away With


Analyze + Trade ERC20 Tokens

With new tokens emerging almost every week, you'll gain the skills to filter through the spam and focus on the legitimate investment opportunities. 


Transfer Digital Assets + Trade on Exchanges

Learn to instantaneously transfer assets between public addresses as well as send cryptocurrencies to exchange markets in exchange for tokens of your choice.


Analyze Upcoming ICOs + Crypto Investment Opportunities

Emerging as one of the hottest trends of 2017, ICOs have not only forced us to reconsider the typical fundraising model but have presented unparalleled investment opportunities. This course will walk you through how to safely participate in one.


Learn How To Build A Balanced Crypto Portfolio

The cryptocurrency landscape is undoubtedly defined by extreme levels of volatility. Though that can be unsettling, this course will offer insights on how best to build a balanced portfolio that can benefit from short-term volatility and long term growth.


IMPORTANT: You will leave this class with ownership of a cryptocurrency of your choice stored in your own personal digital wallet.  

Everblue and its affiliates do not provide tax, legal or accounting advice. This material has been prepared for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, tax, legal or accounting advice. You should consult your own tax, legal and accounting advisors before engaging in any transaction.

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