Frequently asked questions



I'm interested in a course, but none are near me.  Are you going to offer a course in my area?

We are constantly reevaluating where our classes are offered and looking to bring our classes closer to our customers.  If you don't see a class in your city, but are interested in our course be sure message us or give us a call so we can work on adding it to our future locations list! 

If you are interested in hosting a corporate course, we are always able to bring the course directly to you.  To learn more about our corporate offerings, and scheduling a course give us a call at 833.LEARN.BC for more information.

Who should take your course?

Our course is designed for everyone!  Our courses don't require any previous knowledge of blockchain to be successful.  Since we are always working to make the material as accessible and easy to digest as possible, we tested out the content with our parents and made sure that they understood the material. Our classes regularly bring together people from a variety of industries and various walks of life enhancing the questions and course experience.  If you have additional questions about if our course is right for you email us at

What makes you better than any other blockchain course out there?

In just over 9 years of operation we have over 160,000 instructional hours under our belt.  All of our classes are taught by experts in the industry and they all have previous teaching experience over 69,360 of our students.  Moreover, we have provided training to numerous Fortune 500 companies some of which we aren't even allowed to list on the site!  We hThe real question is why not take your continuing education course with us?

i LOVED your course and am interested in learning more about blockchain.  Do you offer additional courses?

Thank you!  At this time we only offer our Blockchain 101 course, but we have numerous advanced courses that are industry specific in the works.  If you are interested or have a specific topic you are interested in delving into deeper into a topic please give us a call at 833.LEARN.BC or email us at  We will add it to our list of topics and in the meantime can point you towards great resources.


About the Course Material

What's included in the course fee?

In addition to the highest quality instructor and content possible you will get a breakfast spread and a catered lunch both days of the course, $50 applied towards your own crypto wallet (created during the course), a written self-contact, a "Blockchain 101" certification, and printed course materials.  In addition you will get added to our regular newsletter and have access to a list of the most up-to-date cryptocurrency and blockchain news in the industry.

What background do i need in blockchain and cryptocurrency to pass the class?

You don't need to know a single thing about blockchain prior to registration for our course - you don't even need to know what the word blockchain means.  That said if you fall into that category we HIGHLY recommend you complete the pre-reading materials sent out prior to the course to prepare you for day one of the course.

What is going to be covered in the class?

Please see our courses page for a complete list of the course objectives highlighting what will we covered and learned during the course.

Can i get a copy of the course agenda beforehand?

Unfortunately we cannot disclose all of our trade secrets.  That said we do have a tentative course schedule which by calling 833.LEARN.BC we can tell you more about.  If you are a corporate group interested in training we can work on modifying our typical course agenda to fit your company's needs and provide a tentative version prior to the start of the course.


Corporate Courses

my company is going to pay for the course.  How does that work?

We regularly have student's companies pay for courses.  If you need an invoice beforehand or if your purchasing department is going to be registering on your behalf they just need to have your full name and email address of the attendee at the time of registration.

my company has a number of people interested in attending.  Do you offer any discounts?

Groups are also welcome to attend our regularly scheduled open-enrollment courses. We offer a 10% discount for groups of three or more participants attending the same open-enrollment session.  Please give us a call (833.LEARN.BC) so we can get you the correct code and process your order. 

my company is interested in having a course personalized to our industry.  Do you offer that?

It sounds like your company might be interested in one of our corporate courses.  Our corporate courses allow for some course material to be tailored and personalized to your specific industry outside of the typical tailored discussion sections.  Corporate courses are possible and something that we offer, but in order to best assist you please give us a call (833.LEARN.BC) or email us at to further discuss what you are looking for.


Refunds, Discounts, Terms and Conditions

Do you offer any financing options?

We do offer financing options since we believe everyone should have access to continuing education.  To learn more about our financing options please call us at 833.LEARN.BC.

What is your refund policy?

Refunds will be based on the amount paid by the student at the time of withdrawal, not the total cost of the course. The decision to grant a refund is based on the schedule set forth below:

  • A 100% refund will be granted to students who request to cancel at least 30 days prior to the start of their Everblue program.
  • A 50% refund will be granted to students who request to cancel greater than 2 weeks (14 days) before the start of their Everblue program.
  • A refund will not be granted to students who request to cancel within 14 days days of the start of their Everblue program.
  • A 100% refund may be granted to students who register for a course that has been canceled. Students who meet this criteria must submit an official refund request by email to an Everblue customer support representative. Otherwise, Everblue representatives will arrange for the student to be transferred to a future offering of the course.

By submitting payment, you agree to these Terms. Refunds will be made within 30 business days of a student’s written request.

Do you offer any discounts?

As a veteran-owed small business we're happy to offer a 10% training discount for our fellow servicemen, women, and military veterans. To qualify, please send a copy of your DD214 form to

Everblue values education which is why we offer a 10% training discount for current students.  To qualify, please send a copy of your student ID or transcript to

We appreciate repeat business and want to reward our loyal customers with a discount toward future training. If you have successfully completed an Everblue training course and wish to enroll in a future course with us, please call 833.LEARN.BC to receive your discount.